Monday, 20 May 2013

Flipped Learning - Hop Around Cards

I've been continuing my look at implementing the Flipped Classroom model in Business Studies. Whilst listening to the @tecknoteacher Computing podcast, I was introduced to the acronym USA, a teaching and learning model that follows the sequence Understand, Summarise and Answer. Let's assume that for homework we asked students to read (Understand) and make notes on (Summarise) Unit 1 Chapter 1 of the course textbook. Here is a great kinesthetic-type activity (Answer) for the following lesson. It gets students out of their seats - in fact they should be hopping up from their seats! Hop Around Cards is an idea I spotted on the teach-ict website. Click on the image to download the pdf. Instructions on how to use the Hop cards are contained within.

If you decide to use these cards, please take the time to let me know how it goes.


  1. These are a great resource - book a hall photocopy real big and encourage the students to run to the righht answer in teams. I give mine 5 mins browse time before the running starts so they can get an idea of which answer is where.
    So much fun, works well with A Level law students too, who are trying to remember cases I stood at a lecturn in the middle of the hall and described the case and students had to run and stand on the right case to answer the question. Much squealing, delight and a useful revision tool.

  2. Revisionstation - thanks for this brilliant idea - definatly takes this activity to a whole new level