Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Create a Mobile Business - Flipped Learning

I was reading through @MrAColley's excellent site and through that I became interested in Jessedee's You Suck at PowerPoint. I use PowerPoint a lot in my Business Studies teaching and was inspired to have a go at creating a presentation that followed the principles outlined in Jessedee's presentation. Take a look and let me know what you think.

The presentation and the resources compiled below are designed to enable me to teach using the flipped classroom model. Students will use the course textbook and other resources to write-up notes on Chapter 1.  In the lesson, they will firstly take part in activities such as the Connections Word Wall and the Missing Vowels Game. This will be followed by the main part of the lesson - a "Create a Mobile Business" activity described on the last slide of the PowerPoint.

Here are the collected links to the resources created for My first couple of lesson with my Year 10 Business Studies classes in September 2013:

Resources for Chapter 1 - Businesses
Missing Vowels Game
Connections Word Wall
Hop Around Cards
Business Basketball

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