Wednesday, 14 August 2013

September, Year 10, Day 1, Flipped Lesson 1

Here’s an approach that you might want to use with your Year 10 Business classes starting in September. It’s an approach that is built around the flipped classroom model, and which aims to fulfill a number of objectives:
  • Keep whole-class teacher talk time to a minimum
  • Maximise the opportunities for teacher/student one-to-one time
  • Emphasise the importance of homework
  • Provide opportunities for assessment
  • Prepare students for the Unit 1 AND Unit 3 exams
  • Provide fun, engaging and practical lessons

All resources required are available here. This is how you could use them:

Lesson 1
Start things off with the “Introduction to Businesses” topic by showing this fast-paced video:

Next, run through the “What is a Business” SlideShare presentation. Contained within the presentation are a number of worksheets and a "Create a Mobile Business" activity. Students begin this activity with a view to continuing it next lesson. The teacher moves around the room offering one-to-one support.
As a plenary activity, run through the Missing Vowels Quiz.
Homework is to make notes on Chapter 1 of the course textbook. The idea here is to maximise the benefits of the flipped learning approach.

Lesson 2
Use the Word Wall activity as a starter.
Next, have the students complete the Assessment/Writing Frame worksheet. Here, as early as possible, we are beginning the process of not only testing students’ knowledge prior to the Unit 1 exam, but also teaching students how to answer Unit 3 questions.
The remainder of the lesson is spent continuing work on the Mobile Business ideas. Again, the teacher moves around the room offering one-to-one support.
Homework is to finish the Mobile Business ideas ready for a show-and-tell next lesson

Lesson 3
Use the Hop Around Cards as a starter
Create a wall display of all the Mobile Business ideas. Everyone can gather round and briefly describe their business.

Move on to the next topic  

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