Wednesday, 21 August 2013

USA Teaching Model and Hop Around Cards v2

A great starter or plenary activity which, like my previous post, cover Understanding Customer Needs - Chapter 2 of the course textbook.

I've been continuing my look at implementing the Flipped Classroom model in Business Studies. Listening to his podcast, I was introduced by @tecknoteacher to the acronym USA, a teaching and learning model that follows the sequence Understand, Summarise and Answer. Let's assume that for homework we asked students to read (Understand) and make notes on (Summarise) Unit 1 Chapter 2 of the course textbook. Here is a great kinaesthetic-type (Answer) activity  for the following lesson. It gets students out of their seats - in fact they should be hopping up from their seats! Hop Around Cards is an idea I spotted on the Teach-ICT website. Download the pdf from here. Instructions on how to use the Hop Around Cards are contained within.

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